About Us - Don Blocka and Marianna Kindrachuk

Don Blocka

Marianna Kindrachuk

Over the years there is a set of re-occurring questions asked of us; we have taken the top three to answer them here!

Why do you call yourselves homesbymarianna?

Although most realtors use their names to identify themselves, we made a conscious decision early on in our careers to move the focus away from ourselves to that of the customer experience we intended to deliver. Our goal from the onset was to intervene in the real estate transaction and remove any anxiety or stress that this process normally causes. The financial affluence, business stature, and mobility of our clients demanded something different. As both Marianna and I brought into real estate distinct business backgrounds and experiences, we quickly realized that by double teaming we could provide a rich pallet of services custom fit to their situations and minimize the impact of the real estate transaction on their lives.

How would you describe your business?

Firstly we offer services for both the buyer and seller. Although we are seeing some agents or agencies specialize to one side of the transaction, we find that being sharp on both sides humbles us and motivates us to work for a positive outcome to both sides of the deal.

When invited to list a home, we immediately kick into gear acknowledgment that this is no longer the family home filled with memories, but rather a significant asset that managed appropriately will yield a return affording a move-up, vacation property or retirement life style.

All evaluations are done in person with both of us taking notes. This approach may sound redundant but allows us to capture all attributes and amenities of the home. We each use separate tools to surface a number which in the process of coming to agreement clearly identifies the most salient elements of the home we are about to sell.

As a rule, for homes listed above $1M, we do not install lock boxes, and personally show the buyer agent and their clients the home. This provides many advantages as it ensures that only qualified buyers view the home and all significant amenities and features of the home and community are discussed right on the spot. After each showing we do a quick walk around ensuring lights, music, taps are off and the home security system armed, all while the client maybe away or out of country – peace of mind and security.

When representing the buyer we advocate an ROI approach. This is clouded by the emotions of buying a principle residence, none the less, the purchase represents a significant financial investment. A thorough due diligence is performed ensuring all elements that could influence price are properly vented.

To accomplish this we look at numerous variables, both sold and active prices comparables of similar built homes, the Title showing mortgage amounts and Caveats, current market economics and price point values and other influencers of the community. Our preparatory work is deep and diligent to confirm suggested list prices reflect their real value.

A good acid test is to hold the proposed purchase price against what you may receive when it comes time to sell.

Our backgrounds and current experiences bring strong negotiating skills to the table. By the time our client asks for guidance on price Marianna and I have vigorously debated many scenarios with possible intended outcomes.

A solid deal is when all parties leave feeling they have won!

There are many realtor models out there, independent agents, teams, couples, how does your husband and wife model differ from the others?

This question can be answered in three ways. One, both Marianna and I have families that are grown and on their own leaving us the opportunity to apply as much time to the business on an as when needed basis. Also both of us love real estate and spending time with each other. Our business allows us to satisfy our career aspirations and time together - without guilt, the best of both worlds.

Secondly we come from diverse backgrounds, Marianna more from the creative and business whereas Don from the analytical and business innovative. With strong mutual respect of each other’s abilities we were able to harmonise our capabilities into a suite of services tailor fit to our client’s needs and their unique homes