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Let's Talk Real Estate

Blog by Marianna Kindrachuk & Don Blocka | April 8th, 2016

“So let’s Talk Real Estate”……

is a permission based forum to allow us to openly share information about real estate here at Heritage Pointe. We are Don Blocka and Marianna Kindrachuk, realtors collectively with 30 years in the business, now with Sotheby’s International Realty and residents at Heritage Pointe. We built our home on Summit Pointe in 2001. This is not a solicitation; we are not looking for buyers or sellers; this is an invitation to begin a conversation about real estate here, where we live.

So what’s wrong with Heritage Pointe; why aren’t homes selling is the most common asked question when walking through the community. Responding to these and other questions, with your permission emails, will put you on a confidential distribution list, to which we will communicate on mass, providing data, answering questions and rendering an opinion. If you like where this is going, share it with your friends, the more voices, the brighter the light and perhaps a path will surface through current challenges.

Did you know that in the last 5 years at Heritage Pointe; single detached prices went up 28% and the quantity of solds went down 35.5%.  There were 4 months in 2015 with 0 sales and 2 months this year so far!

Are buyers looking for the bottom before they move?

These and many more topics will be discussed through your participation.

By sending an email requesting to be included or simply stating “we are in” with your email address to either:



We will try to answer your questions and provide information drawn from our years of experience. This is your forum, the direction is yours to choose. Your comments and questions will shape the conversation; your names will remain anonymous unless otherwise directed. So Let’s talk real estate!

Don Blocka

Marianna Kindrachuk

Sotheby’s International Realty Calgary