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Living on a Golf Course

Blog by Marianna Kindrachuk & Don Blocka | May 16th, 2018

Living on a golf course, what are the obvious benefits and other things that may not be that obvious unless you actually live on one, and then again it depends where on the golf course you live.

Let me explain, living on a golf course is like living in a lake community, I mean you are right on the water or right on the fairway. It should be noted many residences living in these communities are not on either. This article refers to the homes right on the course.

First the obvious, most buyers look to live on a golf course to enjoy undisturbed views across their backyard and perhaps more importantly not sharing in the neighbour's activites across. You could look down the fairway for maximum view lines, across the fairway bordered by a rough for views across the width, and if lucky enough your fairway intersects the residences and a lake or ravine you have the benefits of both.

Do golf balls land in your yard, sure they do, but new technology makes the hacker a straighter longer and better golfer. All golf course managers design or modify their course to draw the ball flight away from your home, but a duffer is a duffer and occasionally you can stock up on these bad hacks.

But hey, what you don't know unless you live on one, is the grass is always washer, no dust blowing your way, no unsightly bronw. The chik chik chik pssh; chik chik chik pssh sprinkler is rhythmic and therapeutic to chill from a stress filled day. And did you know its cooler living on a course, the water cools the grass and raises the humidity a touch, which makes living on the course so refreshing as why most golfers keep coming back, its just not the game.

Also, golf is a seasonal sport providing the course vibe during the season and absolute tranquility for the other six months; two desirable amenities in one. Nature's footprints are the only players in winter, what lasting memories.

Now if you are really luck as we are, living on the 8th hole, it 2 hourse later that any start time providing peaceful mornings, expecting of course the occasional shot gun starts.

Experiences acquired from living at Heritage pointe for 17 years!